Annabel Hodges from OMD

Annabel was one of three speakers at the The Psychology of Link Building Meet-up London 2012.

Annabel is someone who isn’t necessarily bothered by rankings and is more focused on gaining traffic and building the brand. She advises people away from immediately requesting links from site. She also recommends submitting and optimising Google places listing which also work in conjunction with review sites.

Next she went on to talk about keywords and that the keywords with the highest amount of traffic does not mean high conversion and don’t pick obvious keyword you think people will search for. Example: SEO Company London.

Annabel believes that less can be more and to focus more on brand compared to rank.  We were then showed a slide of a pyramid showing types of places SEOs can get links from. 

Annabel Hodges - Places SEOs can get links from

Annabel says not hard to buy cheap and crappy links and they may work in the short term but they could damage your brand. She also advises not to do copycat techniques because they are too obvious and if we can tell then Google is bound to know.

Some other interested snippets she game away were:

  • Don’t use article directories because Panda killed them
  • Redit - Use it in your lunchtime and interacted with the community because it will pay off but only if you’re dedicated.
  • Don’t forget the benefits of indirect linking
  • If you can’t get links from A list sites get links from sites the A list link to for example charities.

Don’t focus on ranking focus on traffic

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