Automated Authoring Software: Introduction

Automated authoring software have been getting bad publicity from web designers and some people think that the reason behind this bad vibes is simply that these tools are displacing web designers. While it is true that there are people that now use automated authoring tools to “design” their own websites there is still no dearth of web design clients.

To help clear up the issue of automated authoring software let me list down both the advantages and disadvantages of automated authoring software. Before I do that though let me give a short introduction to automated authoring software.

An automated authoring software is a development tool that can be used to create and publish web-ready content in different formats, from HTML to CD files. The great thing about this development software is that it allows even those without any programming knowledge to create these content (including websites) since they are mostly drag-and-click types of content creation…no programming!

Automated authoring tools can be used for a variety of purposes but right now the most popular use is to create e-learning modules.

In my next post I’ll be giving the advantages and disadvantages of using automated authoring tools.

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