Benefits of Alternative Browsers: Better Security

As I mentioned in my previous post the other benefit that the popularity of alternative browsers brought is increased security.

The arrival of alternative browsers hailed the beginning of a more secure web environment. With IE being (almost) the sole browser being used (at east by Windows users) it did make it easy for for web designers since they did not have to think about being compliant with other browsers but it also made it an easy target for viruses, spyware, and trojan horses. The popularity of just one browser meant that malicious developers only needed to take a crack at IE and find its weaknesses to affect the majority of the web users. Nowadays though due to the popularity of various alternative browsers they need to figure out the bugs of EACH and every popular browser in order to affect the majority of of web users. To add to the difficulty of their task the innovations made by each web broser is not only for user experience but much has been innovated in terms of security. This means that they not only need to make different viruses for each browsers but they also need to tackle greater security in each.

While we all know that threats to security will never really go away and that people will still keep on trying to despite the added difficulty, due to the existence of alternative browsers the threat is significantly reduced.

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