Blog Design: More on Navigation

Aside from the navigation features I mentioned in the last post such as the search box and use of categories there are other subtle but very useful ways to increase the searchability of blog posts. One of this ways is present right here on Doublespark’s blog.

If you notice, at the end of each blog entry you will find a short list of Similar Posts. The choice of similar posts are based on the category under which the entry is filed and also on the entry title. Displaying a list of similar posts are very useful for blog readers because they can simply click on the posts they are interested in.

Similar posts are indeed useful helping the reader find entries on everything from code compliance to blog design.

Aside from similar posts one other thing that helps blog navigation is the presence of popular/best posts on the sidebar. If you want to showcase your best posts for readers to see by putting them on the sidebar they will always be on display even though they might be really old posts. In the end ask your web designer how important these navigation elements are and if they are applicable to your blog.

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