Blog Design: Navigation

Since I’ve stressed the importance of a professional weblog design let me give a few examples of web design aspects that often goes unnoticed in weblogs and so reduces its usability or at the least makes it look unprofessional.

Because blogs are updated very often and so has lots of content one of the biggest web design factors that should be addressed is the searchability of previous posts. One of the biggest blunders bloggers commit is that many do not offer ways to search for specific topics in blogs. Many offer no other way to navigate their blog other than through the next/previous posts found on the bottom of the page and through a calendar. Although a calendar is useful most readers wouldn’t really know when you wrote a specific post, especially if a new reader and would need to scan too many posts to find what they need. No one likes to do that. Instead make sure that your blog posts are categorised and that the categories are listed on the sidebar. This makes for easier topical search. Aside from this it is also a good idea to add a search box on the top of the blog so that readers can simply enter a specific search term to find posts about it. This is useful if your categories are really broad because readers might be trying to find more specific information.

Implementation of such design elements to improve navigation is easy and could be done even in a personal blog. On my next post I will be discussing more weblog design factors that should be present in your business blog.

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