Blog Design: The Look

Since I have previously stressed the importance of a professional looking blog design already discussed ways in which to address usability through navigation features I will focus on weblog’s looks or appearance. The way a blog looks reflects the professionalism of the blog and thus the blogger. This is the area where you will most benefit from the service of a professional web designer.

Most bloggers simply make do with their Wordpress or Blogger templates. While there is really nothing wrong with these templates and many of them are pretty enough if yours is a business blog you are better off with a customised look. Templates are the mark of a low budget blog and while it makes sense to hire cheap web designers you don’t want it to be obvious that you aren’t really putting any resources on your business’ blog. Web designers might give you templates too but the important thing is that their templates are the bare bones and that the end look is customised enough for your business’ needs. By hiring web design specialists to fix your blog design you can expect…

  • better branding for your blog;
  • a blog that looks and feels more like your own website or product and service does;
  • a cleaner and professional look;
  • better blog in terms of usability; and
  • a stress-free time while having the blog design fixed.

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