Building the best possible website

I know, indulging in the hyperbole like the best, the biggest, the most wonderful, is not often advised, but the crux of the matter is, it helps a lot to be the best, or at least be among the best in your field, and this holds true even for your website. Want to succeed online? Create the best possible website you can.

Why the best, and not just decently good? That’s because the Internet is full of choices, and these choices can be accessed merely by a click of your mouse button. If a person comes to your website, he or she might as well go to another website that offers something similar, but may be has an attractive layout or is run by a pretty looking girl with a charming photo by the side. What is there in your website that nobody else can offer, and how irresistible that is?

Basically there are two things that make your website irresistible:

  • The quality of your content
  • The rarity of your content

Give them these two things and you are 60% on your way to running the best website. Offer them something of extremely high quality, and offer them something that they cannot find anywhere else. And to cover the remaining distance, do the following:

Create an accessible, W3C compliant website

Creating an accessible website not only brings it within the reach of almost every web surfer on earth it also scores well with the search engines, and this, consequently, fetches you more visitors. W3C compliant websites load fast and they render well in almost all mainstream browsers whether they are old or new. They can be read by all text readers and the navigation can be used by people of almost all abilities.

Create a design that pleases the eye

If it takes 5 minutes to load your website or if your readers have to take an aspirin after enduring your color-contrasts nobody is going to come to your website after the first visit. Create color contrasts that are pleasing to the eye and facilitate reading. Use graphics that compliment your layout and don’t needlessly waste your readers’ time by using images that take ages to load. Keep the margins well-spaced use font sizes that are neither microscopic nor gargantuan.

Generate valuable content consistently

When you generate compelling, unique content regularly you give them a reason to come to your website again and again. Since search engines too want to present the recently updated content to their users, if you publish content with regularity, the search engine crawlers visit your website with greater frequency.

Talk to your visitors

Let them know that yours is an active, responsive website. Host an online forum or a comments section on your website so that they can carry out conversations with you and you can respond to them. Even if that is not possible, respond to all the email queries you get. Getting a response, a positive response, is extremely encourage.

Building the best possible website is an ongoing process. It’s hard to achieve, but it’s very much achievable.

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