Choosing a Good Web Design Company

There are numerous web design companies you can hire to to develop your website for you making choosing one a difficult task. Add to this the complication of scammers that dot the internet and what you get is a big headache and a lousy website. To help you in choosing a good web design company I have outlined a few guidelines which you can follow. Feel free to add any factors I might have overlooked and do feel free to tell us about it.

  • Do a little background research - Check the company site. If the site sucks then how much can they possibly give you a good design? Check their portfolio. Look up the websites they have done before.
  • Do not rely on the “client feedback” found on their site - Contact the clients on their portfolio (via the contact page found on the clients’ websites) and ask for their feedback. They might have delivered a great looking website but how easy were they to deal with? Ask for feedback regarding the web design company’s professionalism.
  • Meet up - If the web design company you choose has an office that’s not too far from where you are then by all means meet up with the web designers. This way you can assess them in person. It’s also good to know their actual office because you’ll know where to go to in case something goes wrong.
  • Ask for proposals - Do not agree to a deal at once. Ask for proposals or at least an assessment of your needs. A good web design service provider will be happy to do this for you. Some may ask for an initial fee, and this is ok, while some may even provide assessment services for free.

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