Common Pitfalls in Web Design

This post is an adaptation of a section from Wikipedia. I thought that it’s important to know the no-no’s of web design so that you can avoid it early on. After all, we only have a few shots in making the first impression? so it’s important that we execute our work almost flawlessly. I will discuss the first three.

Flash Intros

This was cool? eons of internet time ago, when developers and clients actually thought that making users wait for your page to load is nice. Not anymore. Because of the proliferation of high speed internet, it no longer makes sense to add additional loading time for your website when that time is already enough to load the rest of the website.

Broken Links

You should make sure that all your links are working. There are numerous tools existing now that checks your website for any broken links. Why is this important? Because providing great content for your users will increase the trust that your user has in your website, and one way of  providing? these contents can actually mean sending your users to other more important sources, or just other parts of your page. If you break this trust? by links that are broken (it will take only a few times of trying to click on broken links before your user will leave your site), you won’t be giving them reason to go back to your site again.

Unclear Layout and Navigation

Lost user is a frustrated user. Keep this in mind. Most of the time, someone who has reached your site is probably looking for something that he thinks is in your site. This could be because he found your site looking for something in a search engine, or just stumbled upon your page. An unclear layout and navigation will confuse your user and may end up never finding what he’s looking for even if it’s actually on your site.

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