Customisable Websites: Should Your Website be One?

Yesterday I introduced the concept of customisable websites. If you read the last post and got excited about providing customisation options for your website though maybe it is time to reread the last statement: “Note though that customisation is not the best solution each time, however, depending on your customer’s needs as well as your site’s goals it might just be the right solution for you.”

In truth there are more websites that DO NOT need to be customisable. Most websites purpose is after all to provide a specific set of information to their users. By making a website’s content customisable it will simply allow users to remove content that might actually be your site’s priority.

In cases where you do not want your content to be customisable you can still simple customisation options to allow for personalisation by allowing users to change themes/skins, to set the date/time, etc. If you want to offer these options to your users though make sure that the majority of your users spend a lot of time on your site. If most of your users spend only a couple of minutes or visit your site irregularly then you can be pretty sure that almost no one will take the time to make use of the customisation options you offer - no matter how simple the options are. Users who spend a lot of time on a website will usually only be the ones to appreciate being able to personalise the site.

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