Focus Groups for Existing Websites

If you have passed the planning stages of your web design and already have an existing one you can still make use of focus groups to help make improvements.

As I have mentioned before the ideal thing to do in order to determine your current website’s usability is by conducting usability tests. This entails the browsing and completion of tasks by participants individually.

Focus groups can be used to get a deeper insight on how the participants in the usability test perceived your website. After conducting the individual usability tests you can gather your participants and form focus groups allowing them to discuss their experiences during the usability testing. Encourage participants to expound on the areas that gave them greatest difficulty and allow the other participants who did not find that part too troublesome or difficult to explain why they found it easy and how they approached the problem. Analyse their differences.

Have a brainstorming session with the participants regarding features they want to be present and ask which features they deemed unnecessary. In the end though most of what will be tackled in the focus group will likely echo your findings garnered from the usability tests you will still be able to get a better grasp of your users psyche and expectations. You might also uncover an problem that wasn’t apparent during usability testing and the participants might surprise you with a novel or at least sound concept you overlooked.

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