Helping Users Navigate through Your Page: Structure

One of the most important things that would help your user navigate through your website is making sure that everything is structured and done so in a consistent manner. Each page will have different content but the page structure should be consistent throughout the site. This is very important because inconsistency in page structure will be confusing to your users. Users will tend to look for the same elements at the same area of the page they just viewed so that using different layouts will make it hard to transition from page to page. Since each page will have its own contents it is inevitable that there will be differences but at least make sure that the key/main elements are located in the same place. Aside from consistency in page structure it is important that the page design be made as simple as possible. This will make navigating easier to learn and remember.

In terms of site structure it is best not too deeplink to make it easy to go from page to page and find information. Categorisation is very important so that it will be easy to determine which topic and sub-topic contain the information needed by the user.

The sitemap (HTML sitemap) is also very important if your page has lots of pages because it will can help users in case they get lost or confused while navigating through your site or simply can’t find the information they need. The sitemap should be very accurate reflecting the actual overall site structure.

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