Images, Web Design and Sales: Details

Any wise buyer would rather buy a product that he/she has examined closely. One of the barriers that online stores have to overcome is the customers’ reluctance to buy a product that they haven’t seen first-hand. This is why the availability of detailed images of the product are very important.

As mentioned in the previous post the quality of the photograph is important to entice customers to buy the product. Even better than one picture of the product are several pictures showing online shoppers different views of the products. Depending on the kind of product a front, back, side, and inside view may be needed. Close-up shots showing special details are also useful. Showing customers different views of the same product will help them gauge the quality of the product and will also win their trust since it almost as good as seeing the product first-hand.

As a web designer it is not your job to shoot the pictures. However, it is your job to present the pictures in such a way as to do justice to the quality of the photo and the product showcased as well as to present it in such a way that customers will find it easy to select the views they want to see. Not only should different views/angles of the product be available with just a click or two but they should also:

  • load fast - make sure file sizes are manageable but not too small as to compromise the quality of the photo
  • be enlargeable - a single close-up shot will do but it is even better if the photo can be zoomed in/out
  • be rotatable - instead of littering the product page with photos showing different angles/views of the product a good solution would be to make the image rotatable (whether 180 or 360 degrees)

The last two conditions would not only let shoppers take a good look of the product but it would also make the website more interactive.

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