Images, Web Design and Sales: Introduction

It is said that pictures paint a thousand words. The question is what are the images in your clients’ website telling the world. When it comes to selling products online the images accompanying the product details/description makes a big difference. Customers are often reluctant to buy products without seeing an actual snapshot of the product.

As a web designer it is your duty to explain to your client the importance of not just the quality of the product images but also the presentation of these images, including the usability aspects. While it usually isn’t too hard to explain the need for professional quality photographs, although you will be surprised that there are plenty of clients that will still opt for amateurish photos (even stock photos!) to be able to save money, it is usually a bit harder to explain the need for optimising the images for usability purposes. Many clients, stuck in the traditional magazine/catalogue thinking, do not realise the options available to them that could enhance not only their website’s look but usability as well. If presented and explained properly though, clients are likely to agree, especially after showing its effectiveness in terms of sales conversion.

In my next few posts I will be discussing some of the important things you should incorporate in your web design with regards to product images.

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