Images, Web Design and Sales: Quality

One of the most important factors that comes into play when displaying product images is the quality of the photo. While a picture taken using your camera phone might suffice for a product you put up for bid in eBay it should never be used for full-blown online shops. When it comes to online shops the website acts as the display window of the store. And just like with any display window a poor display will turn off shoppers sending them off to other stores without even bothering to go inside to take a look.

Now, in case the display window is enticing, once the customer enters a store they expect to see quality products. However, if the products displayed inside falls short of their expectation then the customer will more likely than not leave without purchasing anything.

What this means for online stores is that the landing pages should be professionally done to entice online shoppers to proceed to individual product pages. However, each product page should also show professional quality photographs of the actual product if you want traffic to be converted to actual sales.

As a web designer it is your duty to not only convince clients of the importance of investing in a professional photographer but also in giving you leeway to address other factors that will make the presentation of the photograph look more professional while being very usable. This would mean more time and effort on your part (and a bigger bill for your client) than a static page with static images would entail but in the end it will be well worth it.

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