Images, Web Design and Sales: Things to Remember

These last few reminders is not really the job of a web designer but a good one will remind a client of the importance of ensuring that these factors are taken into consideration when displaying product images. The factors I am talking about include:

  • Scale - When displaying product images it is very important to help shoppers determine just how big the product is. Even though the measurement is listed it makes it easier for shoppers to visualise the actual size of the product by including something else in the picture aside from the product to show scale. For example you can include money or credit cards inside/beside wallets, you can have a model hold up a bag, or you can include a previous version of a product along with the new one. When doing this make sure you specify the things on the picture that are not included in the product/package price.
  • Displaying all the contents - For products that have more than one part included make sure that you display photographs of all parts, including the box/packaging. For electronic devices this includes wires, chargers, and other accessories. You don’t have to show all the angles of each part but it is important that you at least provide a photo of the complete package they can expect to receive. List down each part one the product page so that shoppers can compare the list with the photo.

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