Importance of Accessibility

If you are a web designer and has heard of the lawsuit that Bruce Sexton along with Baltimore-based National Federation of the Blind (NFB) filed against last December 2006, then you understand how important it is to address accessibility issues. Too many web designers nowadays make the mistake of taking accessibility for granted or dealing with the issues only for commercial purposes, but for the visually-impaired it is indeed as serious barrier that should be addressed. Some very basic changes only need to be implemented to make websites more accessible to the visually-challenged including:

  • using plain/simple language when writing your site’s content
  • breaking down the content into manageable chunks
  • using sub-headings
  • using lists/bullet points whenever possible to make the content more concise
  • using ALT-text

In the end addressing accessibility issues will improve not just accessibility itself but your site’s overall format. It will also result in a more readable content not just for screen readers but also the sighted.

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