Improve your AdWords conversion rate

Improve your AdWords conversion rate

Any advertising campaigns that you launch should bring you closer to your customers and help to drive sales and clicks on your site. But how do you effectively judge their success?

AdWords is one tool that you can use to chart how your campaigns are working and whether you’re focusing in the right place. The conversion rate is the specific metric that gives you the right information, with the average conversion rate being around 2.35%. At the top end of the scale, this pushes up to around 5% or higher, with the bottom end being between 0 and 1%.

However, there are a lot of ad campaign managers who have no idea where their latest efforts are sitting on the conversion charts. And even if they do know, they’re not sure how to make them better and increase conversion.

You need to know how your campaigns are performing, so set up the conversion tracking to keep an eye on what’s what. Only around 57% of AdWord accounts have these features set up, which means that more than 40% have no idea if their ad campaigns are being successful.

Here are three things you can do to boost conversions.

1) Improve quality score

Boosting your quality score can have a big impact on your campaign. Focus on the quality and relevancy of the ads for your target audience and organise your ad groups properly. Pay attention to your ad copy and focus on the right keywords. Lastly, improve the landing page experience. This will help you boost the Quality Score, lowering your cost per click (CPC), which means you can get your ads in front of a wider audience for the same budget.

2) Optimise landing pages

This plays a key role in your conversion rate. A good campaign may bring people to your page, but you need to work hard to keep them there. Make it appealing, relevant and easy to navigate, and each element should be tested. Test the customer journey and make sure that copy is clear and easy to understand. A clear CTA should also be in place.

3) Adjust keyword matching type

AdWords allows you to add keywords that are broad, phrase or exact matches. Ad campaigns that focus on the exact matched keywords, where the phrase typed in needs to be exactly the same as that on the page, have a higher conversion rate. However, casting the net wider with broad phrase can also be good. It’s worth testing out which combination works best for you. Don’t just leave it all to chance. 

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