Introduction to Customisable Websites

Nowadays there have been customisable websites that have been coming out that are notable not only because they are different in that they are customisable but because they are actually actually pretty popular. One perfect example of this customisable website is the Google Homepage (iGoogle). Once logged in to your own Google account you can customise iGoogle and customise so many things, from the skin or theme to the actual content of the homepage.

Customisable websites like iGoogle are a hit for very good reasons. The most obvious reason is that a customisable website gives users control over how the website, from the look and feel to the content. This allows them to filter out content they deem irrelevant to them making the website have less noise and more productive or useful for them each visit. Even if a website does not really offer customisation of content and only that of the look and feel users are often still drawn to this fact because it still at least lets them assert their preference. It makes the website more personalised and we all know how big personalisation is nowadays.

If you have a website and need to make it fresh or are thinking of how to offer a whole bunch of content without overwhelming your users you might want to consider offering customisation options. Note though that customisation is not the best solution each time, however, depending on your customer’s needs as well as your site’s goals it might just be the right solution for you.

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