Introduction to Weblog Design

There’s no doubt about the popularity of weblogs. Blogging is popular for many reasons including it’s laid back feel. The problem with many weblogs nowadays though is that people tend to dismiss the fact that it IS still a form of a website and that most website design principles do apply to blogs. Aside from this, because of the blogs’ special characteristics they also pose special web design challenges that are also sometimes not addressed. Because of this blogs are often loaded with design issues that if addressed would make visiting the blog a whole lot better experience for its readers.

Personally, I believe that bloggers shouldn’t have to bother with the nitty gritty of web design. After all, one of the things that makes it so popular is that with all the blogging tools nowadays all you really need to do is write your entry, click a button, and publish the post. However, I also believe that this shouldn’t be an excuse to litter the internet with unsightly and unuseable blogs. Personal blogs might be excused but business blogs cannot. Since my two views seem opposing then the solution is simply to leave the design part of your business blog with a professional web designer. By hiring a web design service to design your blog for you, you can be free from nice but not unique templates. On my next post I will expound on the importance of having a professional weblog design for your business.

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