Keep up-to-date with Google's latest social media advances

Recently, it was announced that Google+ had changed its social media platform in an attempt to divert users from more established outlets like Facebook. At a conference in San Francisco on May, 15, 2013, the search engine revealed ambitious new plans to enhanced its social features with new messaging options and the opportunity to self-edit photos. Now, the new platforms include more than 40 enhancements, which allow people to make digital changes to their photos, such as customising lightening, noise and even changing facial features like skin tone.

Google+ - now almost 200 million regular users

At the end of 2012, Google announced that it already had 190 million regular users on its Google+ services, although this is still less than one fifth of Facebook's 1.1 billion active members. The Vice President of Engineering at Google, Dave Besbris, says the new 'Automatic filter' technology will use the Google Knowledge Graph, which already includes a database of around 18 billion facts and 570 million people. The search engine giant will also group different photos together using Pano stitching software to create a unique collage where everyone is smiling, while a new HDR feature will enable users to mimic the 'High-dynamic range' effect in their photos, a process that actually requires more than two identical photos to be taken at different exposures.

How can a Google+ account help you boost your SEO?

Because it is essentially a sub-division of the world's largest and most popular search engine, having a Google+ account is a great opportunity to build new back links to your website. By using the Google Authorship feature, you can also boost your click-through rate and maximise your Author rank. Users are also more likely to click on your links if you have your own Google+ profile picture, which will help you become the 'authority of your niche by ranking higher than profiles without photos.

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