Mobile Web Development

Aside from the Openwave Phone Simulator another good mobile design tool to use is Nokia’s Mobile Internet Toolkit. When using the toolkit from Nokia note that you need to download the whole kit, which is comprised of three components namely the Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator 4.0, Nokia WAP Gateway Simulator 4.0, and the latest version of the toolkit- Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1. All of these can be downloaded directly from Nokia’s Forum at this link. Those who need to use the toolkit with JRE 1.5 should also download the patch that’s also available at the same page. Like Openwave, Nokia’s toolkit is free  and only requires registration for you to be able to download everything.

The Mobile Internet Toolkit does not show all the access keys and requires you to run the WAP gateway simulator but still it is easy enough to use. The nice thing about Nokia’s Internet Toolkit is that it has a comprehensive set of editors for creation of web pages (WML, XHTML, CSS). MMS messages, and Push messages. Since the editors is “language-aware” it makes it easier to troubleshoot web pages that do not render properly in your phone.

The only problem is that the toolkit is usually more tolerant of XML errors so that there are still pages that wouldn’t be displayed properly in your phone even though the simulator says it’s ok. When this happens you can use the editor to see what the problem is but test it the old way by loading the page in your phone again and again until it is displayed properly. To lessen errors like this it is advised that you use both the Openwave Phone Simulator and Nokia’s Mobile Internet Toolkit.

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