Mobile Web Design News: Opera Mini 4.0 beta

Allow me to pause my on-going blog series on mobile web design and focus for the mean time on one mobile product news: Opera Mini 4.0 beta is out.

Opera Mini 4.0 beta is a preview release of one of the best browsers for mobile devices. Just like it’s early predecessors, it’s a java-based mobile application so it’s widely available on many mobile devices.

One of the cool things about Opera Mini is that it borrows from the long history of experience of the Opera team in creating and delivering a capable mobile browser, and the feature list of the opera mini surely contains some tidbits for the web designers out there who are thinking of developing for mobile web (and honestly, every good designer should consider that). In fact A list a part has a comprehensive article discussing mobile web design with special focus on the opera platform.

Along with other notable features (more on this later), Opera promises better support for CSS. This is good news for web designers. I have yet to test how well this feature pans out, but I’m really hoping for better CSS support in mobile web browsers. Opera Mini 4.0 offers a slew of features that seems to be a common trend among new mobile web browsers: zooming technologies that makes browsing the “real internet” easier and more convenient for the users. To learn more about other new things about opera mini 4.0 beta, you can visit their feature list page.

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