Mobile Web Design Tips

When designing mobile sites one of the biggest limitations everyone should remember is the size of the screen. The small screen size limits the amount of content that can be viewed at one time. This means that to make the user interface of your mobile site visually appealing yet efficient as possible you should:

  • Remove unnecessary information - Cut down the content to the bare minimum. Forget about wittiness and paragraphs. Instead opt for bullet points and concise yet descriptive wordings.
  • Present information upfront - Instead of relegating vital information to a click or two away from the landing page present it at the landing page immediately. People using mobile devices to access the internet are generally in a hurry and need access to immediate information. It would be more convenient for them if the information they need is found on the landing page.
  • Use breadcrumbs for navigation - Forget about sidebars. Sidebars will eat up space and we already know there is little enough of that with mobile devices. Instead relegate the navigation to the top of the page by providing breadcrumbs. This will allow users to not only move around but also keep track of where they are. If you do not wish to use breadcrumbs then place the links/sections you planned on putting on the sidebar but again this time on the top of the page.

to be continued…

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