Mobile Web Design Tips Part 2

  • Highlight selected items - Navigating through a mobile site is usually not as easy as doing so in a normal website on your PC. One reason for this is that unlike with PCs where you can easily tell where your mouse is, allowing you to simply hover and click with ease, cursor control in mobile devices is not as easy. It often leads to confusion resulting in irritating wrong clicks. To help users avoid this problem make sure you provide a way for them to determine where they are at the mobile site page. You can do this by highlighting the part of the page where the cursor is currently pointing. For this very same reason it is usually good practice to make the background colour of the mobile site white so that whatever colour you choose to highlight items you can be sure that the item will stand out.
  • Minimise user input - Users will need to type in information at one point or another but make sure you help them out by minimising the occurences where they will need to provide information by typing. Instead give them a list of options where they can choose an answer or narrow down their queries whenever possible. When doing this, however, make sure that you don’t end up giving them a long long list of links to browse through. This will only be effective if you give them a several choices and then giving them the option to search if they still need to narrow things down.

to be continued…

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