Mobile Web Design Tips Part 3

  • Allow misspellings in search - It is harder to type using the small keyboards found in mobile devices resulting in more typo errors made by mobile users. Because of this you should make sure that if your mobile site has a search function you should factor in incorrect spellings so that users can easily find the information they need even with a bunch of typo errors.
  • Place basic navigational elements in the page - Examples of basic elements that you should provide would be a “Back to top/homepage” link, a “Next Page” link, or “New search”. This way once the user has finished browsing through the page he she can easily go back or go forward without having to scroll back up.
  • Test. Test. and Test - In the end even if you do follow these tips but do not test the mobile site before launching it chances are your users will find a critical bug or two. So make sure you debug and do user testing to make the needed changes before the site is launched.

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