More Typography Tips

  • Alignment - Left-align the text. In rare cases you can right-align the text but remember that for body text left alignment is the easiest to read. If you are a fan of justifying the body text you should realise that although it is fine for books in monitors it is not that friendly since you will be maximising the width of the column. The problem with this is that it is actually easier to read narrower columns than wider ones!
  • Capitalisation - You might think that capitalising an entire line or even an entire paragraph is a good way to capture people’s attention. While you might get their attention the fact is that an entire line of capitalised letters is harder to read. The reason for this is that the letters are harder to tell apart since they are the same size. So if you want to provide emphasis it is better to stick with italicisation or capitalising just a word or two.
  • Underlines - Avoid using fonts that have underlines or plain underlining a word or phrase. Since underlined text is often used to distinguish links people tend to click on underlined words, be it a link or not.
  • Emphasis - As mentioned earlier you can use italics for emphasis. Another common thing done to emphasise text is by emboldening select words. Note though that whatever approach you take always remember to only emphasise words that really do need emphasis. Too much bold and italicised words can be distracting and end up making your site look more cluttered.

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