My Personal Website Pet Peeves Part 2

  • Infinite scroll bar – Lots of quality content is good but content organization should be considered if you have lots of content. Some websites put content on the landing page like as if other pages cannot be created. It wouldn’t be that awful if there is a way given to access the middle and last portions (like clickable a outline at the top of the page) without having to scroll and scroll and scroll down but unfortunately there are sites like that still in existence.
  • Shouts scam – Affiliate sites that obviously exist purely to squeeze some money out of people are annoying. If you are out to scam someone I think you should at least be subtle about it. Website with big dollar signs, money bags, a smiling face, and loads of dubious testimonies are something I’d rather not encounter while I surf. I still wonder why so many people fall for these scams.
  • All internal linking – Internal linking isn’t bad. In fact it is good practice to link to internal pages in order to help users jump to the relevant pages, however, many websites (blogs in particular) almost only link to their own pages. Again it is all right if the anchor text pertains to a previous post but if the anchor text is something like Apple or gamma rays you would expect the links to lead you to the Apple website, a Wikipedia entry on gamma rays and not to a previous post where Apple or gamma rays was mentioned, whether as the main topic or just in passing.

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