Other Signs of a Good Web Design Company

Aside from the previous six signs we have enumerated other things that point to a good web design company include:

  1. A clear and detailed project price quote - Some web design companies quote hourly or daily rates. While this isn’t a clear sign that those web design firms do not give quality work it is preferable to go with a web design firm that will give you a per-project price. This means that you will be paying based on their output which makes sense since you do not really have a solid idea of how much work they get done in an hour. Per-page price quotes are also not that good an idea since pages differ in the amount of work they entail with static pages being really easy to do while database systems or search systems will take hours upon hours to finish. A per-page quote with the same price quoted for each kind of page indicates that the web designer might not realize/know the real amount of work it entails to finish the entire project.
  2. Clearly outlined legal issues - A web design company that outlines the legal issues clearly even before you raise the topic is a good sign. Make sure that they state that the artwork they use are used with permission from the original artist, or better yet, custom-made by their graphic designers. This will prevent future problems regarding copyright issues. Furthermore, make sure the issue of who owns custom code and graphics made by the web design company is clear to both you and the web design company you chose. This is important because if it is owned by the web design company then you will have legal problems if you want to use the same image or program for other purposes in the future.

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