Your Website Needs to Be Redesigned?

An outdated look - If your site looks like it has been left behind then, whether your site is performing well or not, it is time to overhaul your site’s design. If your website is really old (from the 90s) then even though it was based on good website design standards then you need give it a facelift at the very least. Ageing is good for your website in terms of SEO but can hurt your reputation especially if your visitors are more modern. There is no need for your site to look like a dinosaur. Get rid of the outdated look and ask a graphics design team to come up with a newer version of your old look. If your company has a specific feel though make sure that the transition to your site’s new look retains the company’s feel so as to not alienate your old visitors. The outdated look is also usually a sign that your site is not really optimised. This would also be the perfect time to make sure that your site is optimised for search engines.

Search engine optimisation
 - Speaking of optimisation, even if your site does not look outdated one of the clear signs that your website needs to be redesigned is if the current design is based on poor SEO practices. Ask an SEO consultant whether your website’s design is hurting your site’s performance with search engines because you might be surprised that it does. Certain design elements hinder spiders from crawling pages and you want to make sure that the issue is addressed. You also want to make sure that all important content are indexed so that if your site’s design simply isn’t search friendly you might need a redesign or at least have an SEO consultant do “background” work for you, leaving the graphics intact but the site optimised.

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