Phil Nottingham from Distilled

Phil was one of three speakers at the The Psychology of Link Building Meet-up London 2012.

Phil was a bundle of enthusiasm and is a great believer of the benefits video can make to your SEO background. Maybe a bit bias based on his history in drama, film and theatre production Phil took us through the steps of making the most out of video.

The first thing was the cost. Distilled had a hack day and in this week Phil recorded 57 unique videos in a single day. Simply using a Camera for £600, a tripod for £30, and software costing £300, he was able to create some great videos of other members of the Distilled team giving out great their best tips.

Next he went through the linking patterns associated to how people actually link to a video. More importantly he highlighted that on the SEOmoz site the pages that got the most links were the ones that contained text, images and videos. The reason for this was everyone likes digesting content in different ways. Some like to read. Others prefer watching videos and many just like pictures.

He also came back to Distilled's site saying their third most linked to page after their homepage and their blog was their linkbait guide which was created by an intern. The landing page contained a large pdf which all of the content on the page as well as a video backing up his claim that containing all three content mediums has the best amount of links.

Phil talked briefly about the success Zappos was having with video on their product pages which had doubled the amount of referring domains.

Afterwards he went on to discuss the best practices for the reasons for creating video. He advises away from creating video for the sake of it but to choose it because it is fitting for the content that needs to be delivered.

Some quick snippets Phil left us with:

  • When filming always film in 1080p25 or 1080p30 PAL in a well-lit environment.
  • High quality audio is more important than high quality video
  • When editing keep it simple but high quality

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