SEO – think of it as a transport network

Today, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now so complex that it could be compared to a transport network. The process of getting your website to the top of search engines takes a considerable amount of time and skill, which is why many businesses of all shapes and sizes hire SEO agencies to take on the job on their behalf.
Comparing a busy transport network with an SEO campaign
The world's oldest underground network, the London Underground is cleverly designed to help Londoners and tourists travel in and out of the centre of the city as quickly as possible. Most tube lines run directly to central areas of London, because this is where many people work, study and visit the city's copious attractions.
The system is precisely the same as a company that directs traffic to its 'central base' – its website – which is where people can find products and services that interest them. An advanced, efficient network of 'links' can direct people to your website quickly and without disruption.
Now, of course, the London Underground does not have to 'compete' with other undergrounds to target customers. However, it is still necessary to map out a concise strategy and achieve specific targets. For example:
  1. The London Underground must have a minimum number of passengers for each journey in order to make a profit.
  2. Your external links must generate a minimum number of visitors to your website in order for you to make a profit.
  3. By monitoring the total number of passengers for different tube lines, the number of passengers arriving at specific tube stations, and the time they travel, it is easy to monitor different divisions of the business and implement improvements where necessary.
  4. By monitoring the total number of visitors using specific external links to your website, the number of visitors to arriving at different landing pages on your website, and when they visit them, it is easier to monitor your business and make improvements.
Targeting traffic with a constant 'stream' of new content
You need to have a constant stream of content from your website and from external sites, which will filter traffic back to you. Each piece of content that your produce (whether it is Facebook message, a blog post, a forum reply or a new web page) is like the next underground train transporting passengers to the centre of a city.
Finding your website in the right places
Like a tube network, where tube stations are usually situated in busy high streets and areas with shops and other amenities, successful SEO requires you to place your 'links' where there is likely to be high traffic and a targeted audience – people who are likely to be interested in your products or services).
Like the underground, more users equals more revenue
You could equate a tube line to a marketing channel like an independent blog, a company Facebook page or a Google Pay-Per-Click advertisement. The more people use these 'links', the more people reach your destination – your website. Just like the tube, however, these 'links' need to be efficient and well managed in order to 'do their job'. If few people used the underground, it would not be a profitable business. Exactly the same rule applies to your SEO campaign, which is why it is essential to have the right techniques put in place beforehand.

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