Signs of A Good Web Design Company continued

Aside from having a great website, good people skills, and postive feedback from previous clients the other signs of a good web design company include:

  1. Knowing the difference between “building” and “designing” a website - I will go into detail about this aspect in my next post. For now let’s just say that you want to hire a company that wants to not just build but design you website for you. Find out the company philosophy on building vs designing and if they tell you that you’re just being contrary and there is no real difference then that is not a good sign. Plus, that means that they do not have really good people skills.
  2. Custom designs - There isn’t really anything wrong if a web design firm offer template designs. After all some clients do not have a need for customized web page designs. However, it is a good sign if the web designers offers custom designs too. This means that not only do you have more choices but that in case you have specialized needs they have the experience and know-how to be able to make the needed changes in the template design (if that is what you chose).
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Although there are SEO companies that you can hire to do you SEO for your site if you pick a web design company that offers SEO services then it will entail less worries for you as well as (usually) lower fees. If they do not offer SEO service they may have a sister SEO firm, which is also a good sign.

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