Website Redesign Usability Issues

If your website is suffering from lots of usability issues then it is a signal for you to consider a site redesign. By the way, it doesn’t always have to be a lot of usability issues. Even a few but critical or glaring usability issues should be enough to make you consider going for a new or at least revised website design.

If you do not know much about website design then you might fall into thinking that your website doesn’t have usability issues, especially if it is really pretty look at. However, just because a website looks good to the eye initially doesn’t automatically mean that it is that functional. So how do you know if your website’s design is not that functional?

The best way to determine your website’s overall usability is to run various tests on it with the help of your actual users. You need to gather data and analyse them in order to determine which parts of your website’s design is good in terms of usability and which ones need working on. You don’t really need to test a large group of users but a small group representative of most users that actually visit your website would be good enough. However, if you can gather real time data from more users then the better. To know what data to gather and how to analyse them though you will need the help of web design consultants that are usability experts.

Next time I will discuss in further detail the important components of usability that should be taken into account in your web page design.

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