Supplementing Your Search Traffic with SEM

Search engine optimisation is the art of ensuring your pages go up and/or maintain their standing in search results listings. However, the fact remains that for many sites, waiting for their SEO efforts to pay off is not an option. With competition being pretty steep for almost any industry, it does not always make sense to rely on SEO alone to achieve the search visibility you need. This is where search engine marketing (SEM) via paid ads can help.

When looking at ways to get more traffic through search, there are several ways that you can get Google et al to display your pages in its SERPs: organic search, paid ads, social media, product feeds, news items etc etc.

The usual SEO strategies we employ target your site’s performance for organic search results. But as mentioned above, majority of websites cannot rely on the traffic from organic search since SEO in not an instant process.

Likewise, social media results cannot be expected to drive up your traffic as significantly as paid ads can since this the reach is limited to your network in Google+ and other social networks. And since your aim is to get more newcomers to visit your site, then you really need to go beyond your existing network.

On the other hand, signing up with AdWords and paying for that premium space right on the top of the result page will guarantee an instant increase in search visibility… but only if you play your cards right. Some people mistakenly think that just because they have signed up for paid ads means that they will always be the ad shown for the keywords they indicated, but even in the paid ads world competition still exists.

So while paid ads will give you a  better chance of getting more search traffic, you still need to use the same tools and strategies that you have learned through SEO. From keyword research to fixing broken links and senseless redirects, you will find that SEO fits in perfectly with your overall SEM strategy.

You do need to go beyond SEO though and figure out headache-inducing details such as the amount of money you are willing to put into your ad campaign. As always, the bigger your budget is, the more times you can expect your ad to show up. Even in this, we have to admit that the conglomerates’ sites will keep on eating up the share of smaller sites with meager budgets. So if you figure that you’ll beat big companies like Coca-Cola for the keyword “coke”, then you’ll be wasting your time and money since you can bet that they’ll still be dominating the result’s first page. But if you do take the time and effort to learn the ropes and optimize your paid ads, you just might be able to get value for your money in terms of quicker traffic surge than you ever would relying on organic search alone.

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