The benefits of using validated code

Although some argue that adhering to strictly validated code is just a way of making things needlessly complex, by the end of the day it makes sense to create validated code for many reasons. I have seen scores of websites getting highly ranked in the search engines despite not having a valid markup and this is an aspect used as a counter point. I don’t see it as a proof of “invalid code works too” but just as a fact that these websites don’t have enough competition to feel the pinch.

Valid code passes the recommendations laid down by the W3C, the body that defines (X)HTML.

The biggest advantage is the SEO factor. Another is browser compatibility. Let’s quickly go through a few benefits of writing validated code for your web pages.

Validated code makes it easier for the search engines to crawl your website

Some people don’t agree with this but a valid code ensures better organisation of content and layout. This tells the search engines where they can find the right information. Valid code keeps the clutter away.

Validated code works in all the browsers

Do you see that irritating message on some websites: “This website looks best in IE” or some browser X? How silly! You are actually declaring to your visitors that you are incapable of writing valid code for your website because valid code makes your website work seamlessly on all major browsers. Valid code not only makes your website suitable for current browsers, it also prepares it for future browsers.

Validated code makes your website accessible to all

You cannot write validated code without incorporating accessibility features into your website. Once your code validates, it automatically makes your website accessible to people with special needs and different abilities.

Validated code makes your website available to various devices

These days people don’t use just the computers. There are scores of other devices that can be used to connect to the Internet to view web pages. A valid code makes your website compatible to almost all handheld and other devices.

In the end, validated code makes your website future-proof

Standards are always defined with an eye on the future and nothing is different for the web designing standards. When you use validated code, you make sure your website will be ready to embrace the new technological changes with ease.

Writing validated code is not as difficult as it seems in the beginning. More than an expertise, it is a matter of habit. Once you start writing validated code, you won’t even notice that you are doing it.

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