The Difference Between Building and Designing a Website

Apologies for almost having forgotten to delve deeper into the difference between the two. The first time I mentioned the importance of knowing the difference between the two what I neglected to emphasise is that, aside from merely knowing the difference, a good web design company should be skilled in both aspects of web development.

Building a website entails much technical knowledge. Just like in building a house or any building for that matter, the builder is essential to make sure that the infrastructure has a solid and functional design. Builders or engineers know the regulations, the code, which is why you can be sure that with a builder the foundation is secure. This is also true for websites. Those that focus on “building websites” make sure that the code is clean, follows web standards, works properly and all those things that are taken by many for granted but are essential. They are the “behind-the-scenes” designers.

Designing a website, on the other hand, is a more creative process. It involves the navigability/usability and the over all look of the site. Designers are like the architects and interior designers in one. They make sure that the website looks the way you want it to, giving your website a unique look that is apt for your website’s purpose. Designers are also very much concerned about the experience of the visitors and aim to not only impress but ensure that they have an easy comfortable time, hence taking care of usability issues. Designers are very important since they make sure that the first impression is a good one, and as we all know first impressions can make or break you.

With the difference between building and designing a website cleared up it is obvious that there really is no such thing as building versus designing. Choose a web design company that subscribes to BOTH ideas or else you will end up with either a solid but really bland site or a pretty site that keeps on giving errors.

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