Turning Terrible Taglines to Terrific Ones

A tagline is a very important element of any website. Taglines are not meant to simply be witty and catchy but to also be informative. Today I will be mentioning two mistakes that can lead to a terrible tagline and what you should do to turn it into a good one.

  1. Vague - Taglines should be informative. A tagline that is vague is definitely not informative enough. Your tagline should describe what the site is about. With a single glance it should give your visitors a clear picture of what they can find in your site.
  2. Wordy - As mentioned earlier your tagline should help visitors with “a single glance”. This implies that the tagline should be short enough to read at a glance. This means that several words should do it. The best thing to do is keep the tagline under 10 words.

When thinking up of taglines make sure you also take into account the overall feel of your site. If you have a humour site then a humorous taglines is apt of course but if it is a business site then the tagline should be in keeping with the reputation  of your business. Note that if your company has an existing tagline already then it would be a good idea to use that so as to increase brand recognition.

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