Typography: Choosing Fonts Part 2

The font used is important because it helps form a visitor’s first impression of the website. Because of this you want to convey the right feeling during the very first seconds simply by having chosen an engaging type face and by presenting it in the way you want your website to be perceived. Note that the choice of colour for the fonts is very important because colour is very good at hitting people in the subconcious level.

As an example if you look at the typewriter fonts listed in Simply the Best Fonts you will see that each font gives a more traditional feel. However, due to the colour and the size of each font the feel differs greatly. The Hammerkeys font really makes you feel like you’re reading an old novel, while the Teletype font still feels like a novel but a more recently published one. Hence, the type of font you use can affect a person’s impression of how old the contents are, how serious, and even hint at the actual topic (see Gothic Fonts).

Another good example would be the Creeper font, a liquid horror font. It is obviously can obviously be used for any halloween-themed sites but you can tweak the “scariness factor” by simply changing the colour. Keeping the font a deep blood red will make it look scary of course but changing the colour to a soft pink or sky blue will lessen the effect.

Just for fun try tweaking the colours and sizes of different fonts. You’ll find that you’ll learn a lot about choosing an appropriate one to convey/reflect the feeling you want.

to be continued…

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