Typography: Choosing Fonts Part 3

For example sites A and B can both be a an online resource for pet owners, however site A’s goal is to be interactive and fun while site B’s goal is to provide in-depth organised and technical information. Because of this site A should use fonts that exudes a more casual feel while site B should use fonts that are more traditional.

Note that the “feeling” conveyed by a site and the level of formality are often interchanged but still differ in that they can have the same level of formality but have a different tone or vice versa.

For example sites X and Y both want a cheerful feel but since site X’s target audience are kids while site Y’s target audience are elderly then you can be sure that site X will have a more casual feel than site Y.

On the other hand companies QWE and RTY both want formal/traditional websites, however, since QWE deals with the mortuary business while RTY deals with family planning toys then obviously site RTY will have a lighter feel than the more somber QWE site, which in turn will definitely affect the choice of font to be used as well as the presentation of the fonts.

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