Typography: The Importance of Type

When designing a website many graphics designer settle on a font type with only aesthetics as their only consideration. In fact, in some cases, when a client asks for a specific font type web designers agree to use that type even if it is not the best option. In this series on typography I will be discussing not only the importance of paying attention the font type used but also the reason why they are important as well as ways to determine which type would work best for the website being designed.

When scanning a website or even reading a book the type is actually very important because even though readers rarely consciously notice the typeface used subconsciously it affects the reading experience. It is not only the actual words that speaks to the reader but also the typeface. In spoken communication it could be likened to body language. This includes not only the font type but also the size and the color used.

Notice that if you visit a website you automatically form an impression depending on the type used. Curvy scripts are associated with femininity, types with clean lines appear professional, big fonts appeal to the younger audience as well as seniors, etc. Choosing an appropriate typeface is very important to give a good first impression to your target audience. Choosing the wrong font will not only lessen the appeal of your site but can also make them question your credibility. So if you haven’t been putting emphasis on the type in your site now is the time to take a good look and find the one that’s optimal for your site.

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