Typography Tips

Now that you know the three main factors that should be considered when choosing the approrpiate font for your website here’s a short list of things you should remember in order to make the wisest decision in font selection.

  • Appropriateness is the key - Remember there is no one perfect for a any website. When choosing fonts you do not have to find the perfect font all you need to do is choose the one you like best among the appropriate fonts.
  • Font size - The size of the font is just as important as the type you choose. Stick with font sizes that are readable. You can use different font sizes but do not use too many sizes. Three different font sizes is enough to distinguish between main heading, subheading, and body text.
  • Spacing - Always make sure there’s enough line spacing so that you wouldn’t waste all the effort you put into choosing a good font. Make sure that there’s a larger space between headlines than the usual line spacing. This is done to make the headline stand out even more allowing the visitor to see what the website has in store with just a single glance.
  • Mixing and matching - You do not have to stick to one font type. You can mix and match typefaces. However, make sure that the typefaces you choose blend well together and give an appearance of consistency.

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