Usability Considerations: Insight on Users’ Backgrounds

There are so many things that need to be considered about your users’ backgrounds. However, I discussed only four factors that could possibly influence your website’s design. This doesn’t mean that these are the only factors that matter nor does this mean that all these factors always matter that much in your website’s design. As I mentioned in the previous post, if “you have a broad spectrum of users the safest thing to do is simply assume that you have many users that only have basic working knowledge of computers and the internet.” Whatever the study of the background of your users might reveal always keep in mind that even with a huge percentage of certain users your goal as a web designer is to address the needs of ALL your users. This means that though the majority of your users might be really internet savvy you should still design your website to make it easy for the users that are not that familiar with navigating the web. This can be quite problematic since users have different needs and preferences, which is why semi-customisable websites are really good. Furthermore, while you might think that you already have a good idea of what your users’ backgrounds are it is still a good idea to take time to conduct a survey or do a real study. You might be surprised to find that your current site gets quite a variety of visitors than you initially suspected or vice versa. It never hurts to know more about your users.

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