User Interface Markup Languages Part 2

  • Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) - Powerful XML-based markup user interface markup language and application markup language in one. Has the combined functionality of various user interface markup languages such as XUL, SVG, and CSS. Created by Microsoft.
  • OpenLaszlo - Supports Flash. Newest versions 4.x and releases also supports Dynamic HTML (DHTML). As you have already probably deduced from the name it is open-source.
  • MXML - Markup language for Micromedia’s Flex language. Like OpenLaszlo, MXML-defined user interfaces are rendered by Flash Player.
  • GIMP Toolkit/GTK+ - Created primarily for GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) but has evolved in a feature rich toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces that is cross platform compatible. The primary platform that uses GTK+ is still the X Window System but it is also already supported Windows 2000 and upwards, as well as newer versions of Mac OS X.
  • Curl - If you have heard of Curl before and thought it was actually a programming language then don’t worry because you are right. Curl IS an object-oriented programming language AND a markup language. Curl was actually developed by MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science as a research project (Curl Project) but due to it’s success now a corporation (to which site I linked to) fully dedicated to bringing commercial products.

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