W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0

The W3C group, the main international standards organization for the world wide web, has  a document on best practices for web content. The goal of the said document is improve user experience of the web when being accessed through mobile devices. If you are interested in designing web sites that creates excellent user experience for mobile web browsers, I highly suggest that you take a loot at the document.

The document on its second section discusses the requirements of the mobile web practices. This includes Presentation Issues, Input, Bandwidth and Cost, User Goals, Advertising, Device limitations and advantages of the mobile device. This are almost the same points that I have discussed in my first post on mobile web design. The two things that I missed in my original post are User goals and advertising. The former is about how mobile web users have usually different goals for using the web than when they’re accessing the web through the desktop. Mobile web users are likely to have more immediate and goal-directed intentions. Advertising, is a reality of commerce web sites, and the document tries to set good practices to make advertising still work without hampering user experience.

After all the requirements, scope and other basic things have been laid out, the document then goes to the actual meat: the Best Practices themselves. A single post would definitely not cover what the document says, but later on I will try to discuss a few of them at a time. For the mean time, I would really suggest that you read the draft.

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