Want to become a Web Designer - Web Design Tips

Every web site needs a good web design and in fact there is so much scarcity of good web design that people are eager to pay premium price to make sure that their web sites are attractive as well as easy to use. So if you have an eye for good design and you are comfortable with learning new technologies then you can make a reasonable living designing web sites for various clients.

What do you need to be a professional web designer?

  • You need communication skills so that you can independently promote your web design services.
  • You should always be ready and eager to learn and implement new technologies.
  • You should have some knowledge of the prevalent graphic designing tools.
  • You should have some working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a bit of scripting.
  • You should definitely be artistically inclined or know some people who can create great layouts.
  • And sometimes it helps if you know Flash etc.

Once you have made sure that you have the skills you need a web site to promote your work and showcase the work that you have already done. You will also have testimonials from your past clients. You will require a convincing copy on your main page and good content on other pages. Competing on the search engines for web design frankly is going to be a tough nut to crack but somewhere you will have to make a beginning. You can either higher and SEO company to increase your search engine visibility or you can on your own spend some months optimising your website.

What to your clients expect from you as a web designer?

  • Great designing abilities
  • Ability to create pleasing color themes
  • Writing W3C compliant code and possibly no errors
  • Knowledge of manipulating graphics and images
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript and other scripting languages
  • Exceptional service
  • Transparent communication

Some may add low cost to the list but I have personally experienced that cost does not matter to clients who appreciate a good service.

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