Web Analytics: Importance and Benefits

We’ve been discussing the various sessionisation methods used to gather data to be used for web analytics but haven’t really touched on the benefits it can bring. Web analytics is in fact very important and beneficial not only to web designers but also to webmasters who take care of the site’s optimisation and to the marketing team behind the website as well. Some of the reasons why web analytics is important/beneficial include:

  • helps determine performing/non-performing parts/sections in each web page - By being able to determine these sections of the pages the web designer can review these pages and make the necessary adjustments. It might mean a change in the page layout or something as simple as enlarging and changing the color of the BUY button or some other element.
  • helps determine low traffic pages in the site - By being able to determine low traffic pages in the site SEOs can then focus on optimising the page to increase traffic to the site. Hand-in-hand with the web developer the SEOs can also determine if there is anything wrong with the site structure that results in low traffic volume to these pages.
  • help determine quantify success of your online marketing effort - Some data gathered can also be used by the marketing team to see how well the online marketing campaign is going and compare the results with their offline efforts. The data can also be used not just for comparison but to adjust their efforts/strategy when necessary.  An examples of useful data for marketers would be user location, which can be used to determine conversion rates for target locations and can also show the potential of an overlooked market.

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