Web Design Contracts

Many web design firms and their clients engage in business with a very vague written contract or even just a simple verbal agreement. When problems arise it becomes clear just how vague the terms are making dealing with the problem even more problematic. This is why it is very important both for those that commission web design services and those offering them to have a solid and very detailed contract.

In the web design business the contract is often the responsibility of the web design firm. The offer to the client can serve as the contract. This is why a professional web design firm will spend time and energy in drafting the offer. Some of the important details that should be spelled out in the offer include:

  1. The scope of work - This is where you layout just what exactly you will do for your clients. This means that this part of the offer should be really customised for each client.
  2. Payment issues - This should include not only the amount you agree on but should also address the issue of additional payment in case the client wants additional work or changes in the original cope of work. This should also adress issues of what happens if the web design firm does not deliver as promised (time and quality-wise).
  3. Copyrights issues - This part is very important. There should be clear agreement between client and the web design service provider as to who holds the copyright to design elements used in the website.

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