Authoring Tools: Part 2

  • Media and File Support - Make sure that the authoring tool you plan to use support the file types you also plan on using. For the most part if you’ll be using common image file types such as .jpg and .gif you shouldn’t have a problem with this. However, if you plan on streaming video and audio on the website/e-learning software you are developing then you’ll automatically be able to narrow down your choices since only few authoring tools offer support for such file types.
  • Cost - Usually the reason why a company opt to go in-house and use an automated authoring tools is cost. The funny thing is that some do not realise that the more powerful authoring tools, whether of the automated kind or not, can be pretty expensive. Before committing to a venture using an authoring tools make sure that the kind of authoring tool that suits the rest of your needs also suit your budget. Authoring tools can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. If you won’t be happy with the quality of work that cheaper authoring tools will yield but can not afford the high-end authoring tools then you might as well hire the services of a good web designer.

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