Web Design Typography: Fonts

Font Sizing
Designing for the web is hard because the layout is not fixed as it is in the print media. The dilemma is emphasized when deciding your font sizing. Although using fixed pixel sizes (e.g 12px) will give the designer a pretty good control on how the design looks, this will create a problem with the accessibility of the site because the most users won’t be able to resize your text if they need it to read your content. For accessibility reasons, it is therefore advisable to use percentage units for your font sizes.

Font Faces
One mistake most new designers do is to use font types that are not widely available. When you set a font type that is not present in the user’s system, your content will be rendered using the browser’s default font. The good practice is to specify a font family in your CSS. This is a prioritized list of fonts that you specify. The browser will use the first font that it recognizes. In circumstances when you need a special font for a limited part of  your design, sometimes it’s a good idea to use image replacements for your text so as to achieve your desired design. Just be careful in using too much image replacements for your text.

Font Colors
The color that you specify for your fonts should be thought of along with the color scheme of the rest of your web design. This promotes the concept of consistency in your design. Font colors should be set such that your content becomes more readable and easier on the eyes.

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